Thursday, May 18, 2006

Traffic supercharger Drives Traffic to your website at Supercharged speed sale of source code

Traffic supercharger Launches on to the internet

From: Geoff Lord


As this is the first newsletter, and as we here at
Traffic-supercharger are not journalists we intend to apply the
old Maxim...KISS...Keep It Simple Simon....

Firstly let me explain how we came to be here and produced this amazing piece of Kit. I am by Profession an Optician
but have always been interested in computers, and over the years have
managed to keep abreast with the ins and outs of computers since
the very First Sinclair 1K was launched on the World. Now for those
of you who dont remember those things it was basic....what can you do with 1K,
SCREEN TO THE OTHER, WOW.. that was a real buzz...and here we are today
where I can get 3D virtual Images to go across computer screens
all over the World, all at the different times, and all controlled from
little office in Manchester UK.

As we are Opticians our First website was produced many years ago by my Son
Antony, who is an Optometrist, for use in our Practice and we were to my
Knowledge the first Opticians Practice on the internet EVER...needless to
say we were at the top every search engine in the world..we were even there
before google.....

But things change in this world and as Google and Yahoo etc get more and more
powerfull they virtually control what you see now on your computers over the
internet. now here is my little dig....who gave them the right to take over
the XXXX World, but like it or not they done exactly that...what do you think?

So to cut a very long story short we find ourselves here today trying to beat
google and all the other search engines and get good listings for our sites. I
have many times achieved no1 postion on google only to be knocked down by someone
else who knew better than me how to play the system. So I watched and Learned.
Then one day i found a program called Traffic hurricane which was originally put
together by the now famous Jerremy Burns. I used this software on most of my sites
for over a year and achied some amazing results getting to the first page in
many hotly contested slots.....Then late last year I was offered the oppotunity
to buy the source code....well I Jumped on it.

Now here we are, about six months latter with the New Traffic-Supercharger. I
took it pieces and rejigged a few of the applications and debugged the source
code and generally tidied it all up to make it more reliable, and hopefully
more search engine friendly than many other similar systems that are available.

I hope you all like the result of our work and enjoy using the Traffic-
Supercharger. It is an amazing piece of software and will do everything we
promise just as long as you follow basic rules of internet search engine
protocol and the comprehensive help files found within the Application
itself, they are there to help you and have been built up from our own
Knowledge of what does and does not work....

So we move On. in future issues we will be including new tips and tricks
discovered by our own research, and that of other Traffic-supercharger
users who will hopefully decide to share their experiences with us here.

We have been very busy putting finishing touches to our autoresponders
and messages that you recieve, so please excuse the few spelling and gramatical
errors you may find, and also a few of the blank e mails you may have had.
We are working on it all takes time.....We are also finalising a
deal for those who have found our program but who for one reason or another
are not able to use the Traffic Supercharger.

The main recurring problem seems to be that many would be users dont have web
hosting space on which to install the software. We are working on this as I type
and should be up and running within the next few days with a system whereby you
will have your own webspace with a fully installed Traffic-supercharger all set up and
working for a reasonable cost. we are currently looking at the posibilty of being
able to do this for around $30 to $40 plus a monthly hosting fee of $9.95 for the Free
Traffic-Supercharger Lite edition....Those who need this service can get in touch
with us now and we will keep them in loop.....
just e mail
and we get right back to you.


You already know how powerful Traffic-Supercharger is, or you would not be reading this newslaetter right....

Since you have already been running Traffic-Supercharger and can see how powerful it is, I'll get right to the point. Now let me tell you how you can make quite a large amount of 'Easy Money', just by upgrading to our Traffic-Supercharger PRO.

With our Traffic-Supercharger Free Version, you have been building thousands of pages that will bring you tons of laser targeted traffic, but.... have you ever wondered how those google ads and amazon links got on there? well we put them there to help pay for your FREE Lite Version.

Now with our 'Traffic-Supercharger PRO' that all changes. You will be able to build Laser Targeted template pages with no one's ads on them but your own! Plus You will be able to add your own banner ads.

I assume that you will have heard the buzz all over the internet about all those guys making a fortune on google adsense? ever wondered how they do it ?

Well here is a little tip from your friend can make a fortune upgrading to the pro version....just let me tell you what you can do with this amazing a google search for a niche product could be anything ...lets say high energy cat food for cats (I just dreamed that up) now lets say that you were to build litterally hundreds of webpages all about high energy cat food....think you could make some money? sure you a little research on any subject, find your little niche and thats what all the buzz is about...
and your Traffic-Supercharger is right here and waiting for YOU to cash in, build your pages and wait for the money to come rolling in...

This train aint stopping !! but you really do have to go get on it.. right...

PRO Upgrade now


There have been some new Product Launches this Month
from some of our JV Partners. these are guys that work
their butts off to bring us some of the best there is
in new utilities, new software, and new MLM or Affiliate
sites. We are very honoured to have these guys
(and Gals, Sorry Helene) in out network because as
time goes on they will be producing more and more NEW
stuff for us here in this Little group to get our hands on
right from day One (or sooner in most cases). Now you will
no longer be at the bottom of the pile with NEW Products,
You are right at the top...I mean the very get your
traffic-superchargers all charged up, join the programs,
and go build yourself some nEW EXCITING is the
best chance you will EVER HAVE.....

And here you have the very latest products,,,,get in there, and get
going...dont are at the TOP.....RIGHT NOW..


This little beauty will take you less than 5 minutes to set up,
and will work for you right from the momment you finish
setting it up, and what is the best part of this is that it is
set and forget technology at its very best, yes, you set it
up and virtually forget it, exept for the results you get that is.

What is this little beauty called you ask, well guys and gals,
get yourself right on over to VIRALOPOLY right this very
minute because there is no time like the present to get going
with this one, the sooner your in the loop, the sooner you
will see results. So here is the link:-


oh and dont forget, you can then build yourself a whole bunch
of traffic-supercharger webpages to promote this little beauty
so that it will become even more viral for you.


I just wanted to send you a free gift I got from a friend of
mine, Kevin Lam. He's having a secret launch giving away a
FREE VIP Pass worth $297. However, you HAVE to use a
secret code to get it and you HAVE to get it before the 19th.
The code is: secretlaunch


This is our own special inner circle we have created
amongst ourselves here within the traffic-supercharger
community so lets all help each other out and make this
a real team this way we can all help each other
from time to time...

Let me know what you think.


geoff lord

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