Monday, May 16, 2005

Combine your surgery with a holiday in the beautiful South of France

Combine your surgery with a holiday in the beautiful South of France

This is the time of year plastic surgeons say they see more and more people coming into their office for cosmetic surgery, especially breast implants. But footing a bill from your own cash is not always that easy, unless you decide to finance.

So, in a recent interview with cosmetic surgery patients in Forth Worth, Susan Clark, of the Fort Worth Comestic Surgery Center asked some very important questions

(Christina Walker, Breast Implants Patient)
"I did have low-self esteem and low self-confidence and I wanted to feel better about myself"

Christina Walkers calls her son Bralen a blessing but after birth and breast feeding her body suffered some damage.

"Having children changes a lot of things so that's why I wanted to do it."

At 24 years old Christina says she knew she wanted breast implants, but how to pay for the procedure was the problem. Susan Clark works at the Cosmetic surgery center in Little Rock. She say's cosmetic surgery fees are typically paid up-front and $4,600 is not always affordable.

(Susan Clark, Comestic Surgery Center)
"If a young woman comes in and it's not a financial problem for her. You know it's really a luxury more or less and I would just say look over your finances and see if that's something you can work into your budget.

One possible budget plan is basically a credit card for cosmetic purposes. The cosmetic surgery center offers a cosmetic fee plan through Capitol one health care. You can check on line or from home to be approved. Clark say interests rates start at 5.9% and payment plans can range from 12 to 60 plus months.

"The office gave me the information they gave me the phone number and I called it and it was like 5 minutes and it was done."

After giving an outside financier her personal information Christina was approved and the company paid for her plastic surgery.

"If you really want the procedure then it's that easy."

Surgeons at the cosmetic surgery center say nearly half of their clientele finance plastic surgery.

(Dr. Michael Devlin Comestic Surgery Center)"Definitely see a large percentage of our patients especially our younger patients."

A price plan to pay that according to surgeons is worth it for self-confidence. So for reasonable monthly payments for the next six years, Christina Walker says, "it's a price worth paying for a lifetime of higher self-esteem. And most cosmetic surgeons offer some sort of financing plan whether it's an in house payment plan an outside loan process or even a conventional loan like from a bank.